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Interoperability Database

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We endeavor to make our Cisco TelePresence products interoperable with all relevant standards-based equipment. Although it is not possible to test all scenarios, the testing on which this data is based covers most common functions of the listed endpoints and infrastructure.

The following pages describe the software releases that were tested for interoperability with Cisco TelePresence products. The results are grouped by product range. It is not possible to guarantee that all the models listed in the Product(s) column have been tested with the specified software release, although to the best of our knowledge we believe that all such models are interoperable with the associated software release. The absence of a device or release does not imply a lack of interoperability.

Cisco Meeting Server software version 2.9

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Interoperability testing often requires interworking from one signaling/call control protocol to another. The following table lists phrases that are used to briefly describe the call paths that were tested for each interoperability scenario. The explicit call paths in the table place the endpoint first and the Cisco Meeting Server last as a general convention.

Note: We recommend using the most up-to-date software on all devices and Endpoints.

Call Path Phrase

Explicit call path description


Endpoint < SIP > Cisco Meeting Server

Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) to Cisco Expressway

Endpoint < SIP > Cisco Unified CM < SIP > Cisco Expressway < SIP > Cisco Meeting Server


Endpoint < SIP > Cisco Unified CM < SIP > Cisco Expressway < SIP > Cisco Meeting Server TIP enabled (requires TIP-compatible endpoint)



Cisco TelePresence

Product(s) Software releaseComments
Cisco Meeting Management 2.9

Cisco Meeting Server minimum version supported is 2.7, recommended version is 2.9. Refer to Cisco Meeting Management Release Notes for latest information.

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) 15.11

No issues found.

Cisco Endpoints

Product(s) Software releaseComments
Cisco TelePresence SX10 CE9.10


Cisco TelePresence SX20 CE9.10


Cisco TelePresence SX80 Codec CE9.10


Cisco Webex DX70 CE9.10


Cisco Webex DX80 CE9.10


Cisco Webex Room 55 dual CE9.10


Cisco Webex Room 55 Single CE9.10


Cisco Webex Room Kit CE9.10


Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini CE9.10


Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus CE9.10


Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro CE9.10


Cisco Infrastructure Platforms

Product(s) Software releaseComments
Cisco Expressway X12.6

Cisco Meeting App for WebRTC 2.9.x is also supported with X12.5.9.

Cisco Meeting Server web app version 2.9.x is supported with Expressway version X12.6. Previous versions of Expressway are not supported.

Expressway X12.6.1 is not supported with Meeting Server 2.9 or earlier versions.

Note: Refer to the Release Notes for Cisco Meeting Server for more information about call capacities for both clients.

Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM)

Meeting Server is supported with CUCM 11.5(SU1) or later for ad hoc call escalation. Version 10.5(SU1) is not supported.

Cisco Software Based Apps

Product(s) Software releaseComments
Cisco Jabber 12.8

Supported for Jabber on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Android and Android Wearable. Minimum recommended version is 12.5.

Note: Version 12.5 supports Active Control which provides roster list and meeting controls. For more information, see Release Notes for Cisco Jabber.

Cisco Meeting App 1.11.x

Cisco Meeting App for Windows, macOS and iOS version 1.11.x. Cisco recommends using the latest version on all platforms. Refer to the Release Notes for Cisco Meeting App for your specific platform for more information.

For more information regarding the WebRTC app, refer to the Important Information document.

Cisco Meeting Server web app 2.9.0

Refer to the Cisco Meeting Server web app for more information.

Cisco Webex Teams N/A

Use latest version of Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark). Available on mobile (iOS or android), desktop (macOS or Windows) and a Web version which works on any browser. Click here for more information regarding Cisco Webex teams.

Cisco Webex registered endpoints (both hardware and software endpoints) support making and receiving SIP video calls (i.e. audio, video and BFCP content sharing) via the Cisco Webex cloud. Therefore, Cisco Webex registered endpoints support connecting to Cisco Meeting Server today as a SIP endpoint. Cisco Webex endpoints are intended to be used with Cisco Webex conferencing and hence the user experience will be different between a Cisco Webex conference and one hosted on a Cisco Meeting Server. Additional conference functionality such as ActiveControl (the ability to see roster lists, change local layouts from the touch panel) and whiteboarding are not currently supported between Cisco Webex endpoints and Cisco Meeting Server.

LDAP Server

Product(s) Software releaseComments
Microsoft Active Directory Windows Server 2008 and later

No issues found

OpenLDAP 2.4.31

No issues found

Oracle Internet Directory LDAP version 3

No issues found

Supported Platforms

Product(s) Software releaseComments
Cisco UCS Manager 3.1

Newer versions of Cisco UCS Manager maybe available. Please contact Cisco support for if you wish to upgrade to a newer version.

VMWare ESXi 6.7, 6.5 Update 2, 6.0 Update 3

Meeting Server Version 2.8 and later supports ESXi 6.7, ESXi 6.5 Update 2 and later, ESXi 6.0 Update 3. However the audio capacity has been reduced. For more information, refer to Release Notes.


Product(s) Software releaseComments
Vbrick Rev API v1

Supported. Vbrick is planning to deprecate 'Rev API v1' in April 2021.