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We endeavor to make our Cisco TelePresence products interoperable with all relevant standards-based equipment. Although it is not possible to test all scenarios, the testing on which this data is based covers most common functions of the listed endpoints and infrastructure.

The following pages describe the software releases that were tested for interoperability with Cisco TelePresence products. The results are grouped by product range. It is not possible to guarantee that all the models listed in the Product(s) column have been tested with the specified software release, although to the best of our knowledge we believe that all such models are interoperable with the associated software release. The absence of a device or release does not imply a lack of interoperability.

Cisco TelePresence System TX9000 software version TX6.1.10(7)

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Cisco TelePresence

Product(s) Software releaseComments
Cisco TelePresence Server 4.3

Tested SIP (CUCM) TIP.

  • A small black vertical line may be seen on the PIN entry screen at 1080p. This does not affect functionality. (Only seen on 8710/7010 hardware platforms.)
  • When entering a conference the standard background lobby screen picture may drop away to show a grey lobby screen on one  or more screens before conference video displays. This does not affect functionality.